DEEP SEA SHIPPING AGENCY, established in 2023 for services at Jeddah Yacht Club port, Jeddah Islamic port with plans for robust extension for all major ports in Saudi Arabi

We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you without delay
We communicate in a clear and accurate manner to ensure you are always up-to-date

We have established very strong links with all industry key players including port authorities, to ensure smooth and timely Yacht dispatch

Our office is operated by a highly experienced, efficient and motivated team with strong local communications network to ensure top quality service



هدفنا كفاءة و جودة عالية بأسعار تنافسية | Our Goal's Is Efficiency And High Quality At Competitive Prices

خـدمـاتُـنا :
Our Services


Yacht bunkering services

Deepsea covers all yacht fuel bunkering needs, gives access to the most competitive prices, and arranges for high quality fuel, lubricants and JetA1 to be delivered to yachts and their support crafts across SAUDI ARABIA
Duty-free fuel can be supplied wherever possible

We assist captains and help plan the yacht's itinerary to ensure that the best refueling places can be found based on quality, price, and delivery method



Crew Trips VISA and INSURANCE *
Crew change coordination and logistic services *
Drafting & execution of crew contracts *
Crew selection and placement *



Deepsea maintenance services include hull and deck repairs, machinery overhauls, interior fit-outs, electrics, navigation, communication, audiovisual, safety and security

Deepsea is covered by a P&I Insurance Policy, which guarantees that all engineers, employees, and contractors are properly certified for the specific task they carry out on your yacht

Our Engineers and their respective specialist technical teams are here to ensure that you relax during your yacht’s maintenance time. They carry out specific surveys to identify any problem and provide the best solution for them

Furthermore, we carry out annual surveys to identify all problems that need to be repaired and keep a record of your vessel’s sea worthiness, which will enhance the investment value



WIth a bespoke marketing contemporary marketing perspective
The Deepsea Department's approach meets and surpasss daily expectations, through current technology, trends, platforms, media etc., focusing on vessel's most efficient exposure and the generation the most
qualified leads

From professional high-end filmings, to brochures, and from concept creation up to individual tailor-made marketing material, our team of experts, is here to visualize your dream communication plan